Medical Billing Process

Simply put, you and your practice will get a higher
average return per processed claim

our practice is born out of highest medical competence – we recognize it; you never compromise on your commitment for quality medical care – we salute it; you are proactively open to embrace innovative practices in medical care – we appreciate it; you never shy away from investing in cost-optimizing and revenue-maximizing medical billing practices – we admire it.

But, despite your best efforts, either your in-house medical billing or the outsourced service continues to be unimpressive – we are equally concerned!

    Comprehensive Suite of Medical Billing Services

  • Patient Scheduling and Reminders
  • Patient Enrollment (Demographics and Charges)
  • Insurance Enrollment (For Physicians and Offices)
  • Insurance Verification
  • Insurance Authorizations
  • Coding and Audits
  • Billing and Reconciling Of Accounts (Payment Posting)
  • Account Analysis and Denial Management (EOB Analysis)
  • A/R Management (Insurance and Patient)
  • Financial Management Reporting

Like many our testified physician practices, who found themselves in similar but undesirable situation, you too could be experiencing the same. But, relax! That is all going to change with the moment you decide on outsourcing to our proven medical billing services.

Consequent to our ingenious medical billing services – complete with accurate charge-capture, intricate procedure coding , electronic filing of claims,patient billing, multi-tiered appeal process, denial elimination initiatives and compliance standards – your practice too will witness the turnaround stories that befell earlier, and start to feel the positive impact of proven outsourced medical billing, such as:

The following suite of medical billing services should be ample justification of our commitment to comprehensive, resulted oriented, cost-optimizing and revenue-maximizing endeavors:

    Medical Billing Outsourcing

  • Superior Application of Expertise and Resources
  • Greater Control Over Operating Costs
  • Seamless Claim Realization
  • Directing Internal Staff to Core-activities
  • Risk Aversion
  • Enhanced Core Business Focus