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Medical Billing Outsourcing Services

Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage offers a variety of highly personalized medical billing services to meet the needs of our providers and hospital clients. We carefully balance our client base in order to ensure that each client (and their billing) will have our complete and undivided attention!

Typical billing services may offer little more than generating your statements. But at Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage, we provide a wide range of accounts receivable services to maximize reimbursements.

At Vcarve LLC d/b/a MDManage, we also recognize the responsibility to ensure accuracy for the submission of all our clients' charges. We are committed to providing our services within compliance standards, in accordance with all existing Federal, State and Payer regulations.

List of Services we offer

    • Physician Credentialing
    • CPT code catalog
    • Manage code catalog and update IH codes
    • Research and recommend codes
    • Medical Transcription
    • Voice to Text transaction
    • Text to Text Transaction
    • 12 hr to 48 hr turnaround plans
    • Practice Management Solutions
    • Eligibility and Pre-Certification
    • Billing Primary/Secondary payers including patients
    • Scheduling
    • Explanation of Benefit posting
    • AR Management
    • Reporting
    • Verbal and Written Collections
    • Technology Solutions
    • Propose and implement technology
    • Website development
    • Technology maintenance
    • EMR Solutions
    • Patient Profile
    • Patient encounter/Progress Notes
    • Lab Reports
    • Insurance Information
    • Super Bills
    • Prescriptions
    • EOB statements
    • Staffing Solutions
    • Provide medical staffing assistance